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A HOME that holds you +  A LIFE that fulfills you 

BECAUSE I want you to experience the aliveness + beauty that comes with aligning your heart's calling with your home.

a creative conduit for designing

mentor | developer | building + interior designer

Intuitive Creative

Reflective, Deep Thinker


Self Development Devotee

Heart Driven Solo Mum

Known to be an;

I’m most at home with visionaries who move through life w/- an orientation towards enjoyment.  Owning what makes THEM happy + pursuing it for it’s own sake.  But most of all, having the courage to live life on their own terms.

My curious mind leads me down all sorts of paths including a recent mastermind in Masculine & Feminine Polarity within business, studying to become an embodied soul guide..... and the list goes on. 

It's fair to say that I'm not your typical Home Designer.

The most BEAUTIFUL HOMES are created with

You deserve to be living in a home that holds you.  A home that supports you in living a life that fulfills you.

all of this is available to you as a reality, rather than a dream!

heart, soul, history + lived experience

  • A home that CONNECTS YOU to life, encouraging you to slow down and savour the small moments. 

  • A home that TELLS A STORY of the most important moments of your life.  Like kids growing up, shared milestones and celebrations. 

  • A home that NOURISHES + RESTORES YOU when the outside world gets too much.

Design Studio

I'm here to support + guide you (in a way that makes sense to you) so that you enjoy the building or renovating journey as much as you enjoy the final outcome. 

There's a special kind of magic that comes with sharing intentions, creating in partership AND the revealing of possibilities that are only seen and imagined through collaboration.

let's CONNECT....

home building + interior


As a soul-led Building + Interior designer and from personal experience, I know the significant role our homes play in supporting our living in alignment with our heart's calling.

It’s this beautiful two-way relationship that I explore each fortnight through deeply honest conversation and reflection.

A Soul Filled Home


A new soulful cottage in Daylesford - coming soon.

Designed to connect you with your yearning for a feeling, a place.... that is beyond this plane of existence.

Follow the journey from design through to construction and completion.

Hiraeth Daylesford

Emily is an approachable person with a genuine passion in helping families achieve their dream space 

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