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Prioritizing Yourself and Loved Ones:

Recognizing that caring for yourself and your environment uplifts those you love.

Embracing Limitless Possibilities:

Becoming an inspired leader and active participant in your own life.

I'm here to help you have it all.....

here's how we can co-create:

share your aspirations + requirements and together we'll create a bespoke plan that brings your vision to life.

A Soulful Home:

A sanctuary that reflects your heart’s deepest desires, beautifully designed and deeply personal.

Authentic Personal Style:

Empowering and uniquely expressive, tailored to your essence.

Holistic Business Spaces:

Designed with principles that support your well-being, from thoughtful layouts to colors and textures that evoke positive energy.

Personal Styling

Embrace your true self with a wardrobe that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and aspirations.

My personal styling services integrate feminine embodiment principles, empowering you to feel confident and aligned in every aspect of your life.

Allure by Intersecarsi

Pre-Design Insights

This boutique service provides detailed pre-design insights at exceptional value. Allowing you to explore your spaces potential without the pressure of a full-scale commitment.

You'll receive a tailored design strategy, simplified compliance details and visual representations, setting the stage for informed decision-making and a seamless transition to more extensive design services.

building + interior

Home Design

From initial concept to final touches, I create homes that are not just beautiful but deeply personal and aligned with your essence. By incorporating feminine embodiment and energetics, we ensure your home feels as good as it looks, creating a sanctuary that nurtures your soul.

Business Space Design

Transform your business environment into a space that captivates and connects with your clients. Whether it’s an office, a boutique, or a wellness studio, I infuse each design with energetics to foster meaningful interactions and enhance your brand's presence.

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 — Mrs K. Dimieri


Emily’s patience and ability to constantly problem solve has been incredible. Times when hope was low, her experience and confidence to provide a clear path forward has been nothing short of amazing.

It has been a pleasure working with Emily to create our functional dream family home.

“Our block has been as challenging as they come, overlays, easements, very steep sloping 15 acres and yet only a small parcel to build on. 

 — Mr L. Tan & Mrs S. Chen


She was attentive with a great eye for detail in meeting the briefs provided by my wife and I (even our kids). She managed to integrate all of our ideas and requirements into a harmonious living dream that will last generations.

Emily was focused and motivated; she was often ahead in schedule, was always there to advise and act on any ad-hoc requests, and kept us informed of major updates. With her help, we managed to secure a town planning permit in record time for a heritage home. Emily sent voicemails regularly on top of email communication which was a very nice personal touch and a great break from reading emails.

Emily was sensitive and well-informed on new products in the building industry and her ability to offer creative solutions to suit our living habits and culture was second to none.

Emily is a golden find and we couldn't be happier with our dream home!

“Emily is an approachable person with a genuine passion in helping families achieve their dream space 

 — Ms G.Bagaric


Hoping for some divine intervention a recommendation came my way in the form of Emily to the rescue.

I am delighted and appreciative of the collaboration between Emily and myself.

Emily was professional, knowledgeable, attentive, honest and most importantly listened to me. I also think that being a professional female in the field was a bonus.

It was a pleasure working together and am grateful to have someone who made the whole experience a positive one.

“During the course of 2021 I had purchased a property in need of attention.

 — Adrian Pitts, Business Manager of Latitude Group


Her technical knowledge, together with her ability to translate that to non-technical people, allows her to engage much deeper with the process of building design.

Emily’s designs are translated into some of the most thorough construction drawings you are likely to see and she was able to create an amazing sensory experience for our customers that is exceptionally functional, modern and conveys the “premium” nature of our brand all the way through the facility.

“Emily is the linchpin of our entire venue design and construction project management” 

 — Dr Fong Yong, Director of Sunbury Dental House


Emily supported us through drafting the plans, selecting colours and materials, and paying close attention to many areas that may have otherwise been overlooked.

The result has been great. The colour scheme is fantastic and the rooms now have such a good feel about them.

“Emily was recommended to use for the extension of our existing practice and her customer service was excellent 



Your extraordinary life requires extraordinary choices.  By taking this first step the trajectory of your dreams will be forever changed.

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Complete Homes

Experience the ease of moving into a home that’s been meticulously renovated or built from the ground up, fully infused with soul and style.

I take care of every detail, from planning and design to construction and final touches, delivering a beautifully finished home that’s ready for you to live in.

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