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In the last episode we had a conversation around dreaming audaciously.  This is a continuation of that conversation.  Where dreaming audaciously finds me today.  Needing to make some tough decisions.  Sharing the news of a new property development journey WITH a sneak peak behind the scenes of how design always starts with souls intention.

Again, I’m available for having real, honest, deep conversations.  Even when they feel uncomfortable.  Actually more so when they feel uncomfortable, because that speaks to there being an edge , which I see as being an opportunity to expand and grow.

Let’s start with the touch decisions.

For those of you who have been following along, you would know that for the last year I’ve been actively designing and documenting a new Victorian Era inspired soul cottage to be built in Daylesford (which is a small country town here in Victoria Australia).  

Daylesford has always felt energetically familiar to me.  Something to do with the energy of the land and this overwhelming sense of home.  For some reason, my soul is called to and recognises daylesford.

Roughly 9-10 years ago I was gifted with a vision that involved Daylesford, the connection of like minded soul women, via small, intimate, creative gatherings within a home setting.  Back then it was such a crazy vision to be gifted with that I didn’t trust or believe in the guided messages I was very clearly receiving.  The funny thing is, even though someone else shared the same channeled vision that they were receiving on my behalf…… it was so outside of the realms of reality, it was like this is just silly, it’s ridiculous.  No this will never happen.  

Here’s the thing, which through having experienced and being shown over and over again over the years…… a channeled vision, your soul’s calling, your soul’s work, the whispers you are gifted with (what ever term most resonates with you) you can ignore it all you want, however, it will not go away.  If anything, in order to get your attention, the whispers will become louder and louder, until they become impossible to ignore.

I chose to ignore and consciously forget about that initial vision of Daylesford, connection with like minded women etc.  A couple of years later, spur of the moment, I purchased a block of land in Daylesford.  I mean if i was being honest, it was my  gift to myself after my separation.  I viewed it as being something that was mine and mine alone.  Where I could design and build a little cottage for the boys and I to hang out and spend time on weekends together.  Single mum of two boys, going through the  journey of separation and divorce, finding my own feet.  

When I started designing, rememberings of that initial vision returned.  So I put 2 + 2 together and got 10.  Initial vision, spur of the moment purchase of land, this must be a sign, this must mean that this is the block of land I’m destined to bring my channeled vision to life with.  And that’s what I’ve been creating quietly in the background over the years.

Until now.  Until the whispers have become so loud, I can no longer ignore or quieten them.  It’s become very clear over the last few weeks that the vision (gathering of like minded women) has outgrown the current property.  Actually, is that true?  No.  It’s more that I now have the courage to acknowledge that I had watered down my dream because for so many reasons, I wanted to play it safe.  But my vision and that parcel of land deserves more than playing it safe.

So…. in the next few weeks the parcel of land complete with design and town planning approval will be listed with a real estate agent and made available for a new owner who will hopefully bring the dream of that particular design to life.

Where dreaming audaciously has lead me….

Restoring and breathing  life back into existing homes, so that they are to be lived in for many more years to come, has always been my audacious dream.  2 weeks ago I boldy set the intention that I’m now claiming that dream.  I was going to say courageously… but when you’re following your intuition and inner knowing… is it courageous?  Anyway the synchronicities and sequence of events that have followed …. I don’t know how else to explain it other than to say it’s been truly magical.  

Have you ever had a similar experience?  That moment when you lean in, follow your intuition, maybe you’re only being able to see or feel the first few steps…. But once you do take that leap of faith, spirit/universe sees you and meets you in a whole other new way.

So a few days ago I attended an open for inspection of a 2 bed, 1 bth unit and 3 days later I was at the auction on my own successful with my bid.  I had shared with a friend before hand about attending the auction with the intention to bid and purchase.  She asked if i would take anyone with me and I said that I’d thought about it, but it felt important that it was something I do on my own.  It was interesting how eerily calm I was and it was because I knew, I knew when I first walked through it that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  I could already sense what it felt like restored.  

I’m beyond excited to share the journey with you over the coming months as I restore and breath life back into this unit.  The behind the scenes of the design process and journey, including selections of materials + fittings, engaging different trades, the conversations, the decisions that need to be made.  These are all things that I co-create and support clients with every day and all things that I’ve done in the past when married with the family homes we renovated and built.  However, It’s a whole other ball game to be journeying through as a solo female and it feels really important to share that journey and experience, because it is different.

Let’s talk about soul intentional design.

Which is really design that is intentionally aligned with soul.  Design that is founded on from a really solid base.  Design that has been born from certain values.  To help this land, for a practical comparison ……. logistically, the construction of a new home starts with establishing solid foundations.  Knowing whats going to be created and constructing foundations that are going to support and hold everything else above.

The design process starts well before pencil hits paper.  At least for me it does.  It starts with creating a stable base, a stable foundation.  It starts with setting the stage.  I’m saying and know all of this, AND the excitement of wanting to dive straight into designing has me coming up with all the reasons why this first step isn’t important and it can be skipped.  Because I’ve co-created with clients who through experiences they had prior to connecting with me, seeing and knowing what happens when this step is missed……that’s a powerful reminder to embrace the dance between giddy excitement and pacing yourself, trusting that there is something bigger at play, you won’t miss out, there are so many more songs to come

What happens when you start with connecting to your vision, connecting with 4 or 5 soul values…. You are giving yourself and your design a north star.  It’s the thing you come home to time and time again.  So when there are 1001 decisions to be made or when there’s one decision to be made that you seem to be struggling with, your soul values become your guiding point.  For example one of your soul values maybe connection.  You’re co-creating with your building designer or architect and the conversation comes up about the best location for your kitchen.  Based on solar orientation your building designer or architect is recommending that your kitchen be located so that it’s south facing, you have a busy life juggling kids, work etc, you probably won’t be sending much time in the kitchen so let’s save the sought after orientations of north/ east facing for other rooms.

Because you have connected with your soul values, something about this conversation isn’t sitting well, it’s not resonating with you.  When you return to connection being one of your soul values, you realise yeah life is excitingly full with many things, and that the kitchen is the main room in your home where you all gather throughout  different times of the day.  Its the one room that organically fosters connection.  Because you like to sit and have, all be it a fleeting breakfast together at the island bench that captures the morning sun.   That after school you like the organised chaos of lunch boxes thrown on the kitchen bench, prepping dinner, kids having a snack and everyone talking about their day.

You realise in having reflected on your soul value of connection that the kitchen is actually one of the most important rooms in your home and suddenly that realization changes the whole conversation with your building designer or architect.

If you imagine the scenario of not having your soul values being your north star, how does it play out differently?  Let’s rewind back to that conversation with your building designer or architect where they are suggesting a particular location for your kitchen, where something about that doesn’t sit well you, but you don’t know why, so you choose to ignore or push aside that little niggle you have and follow the suggestion of your building designer/architect.  Fast forward 18mths, your living in your new home and as much as you love all the colours and materials all of that stuff…. You can’t shake the feeling that something feels like its missing.  You’ve done all the things, followed the direction of professionals etc and yet there’s that feeling of kind’a’ emptiness, a longing for more, a feeling of unfulfilment, like there’s something missing.  You can’t quiet put your finger on what and at the same time you can’t shake the feeling.

Taking the time to initially connect with your vision, with your souls values to really ground in and set that foundation, in doing all of that, you are really creating a rock solid (pardon the pun) a set of design guidelines for you and your designer.

I’d love to hear from you as whether any of this is resonating and having any ah haa moments.  I know that my approach and process is alittle left of field.  I’m all too aware that it’s not the standard way things are done within the home design and construction industry.  And I also know through my own personal and professional life experiences, how important it is to find and align yourself with what works for you.  You are a unique soul, you are a gorgeous individual and that deserves to be fully embraced and celebrated.

As I’d mentioned earlier, over the coming months as I transform my unit, I will be sharing more about the design process that I follow, giving both spiritual and practical examples.  And I’ll also be sharing the construction process and journey in detail so that you can follow along and get a feel for what it’s like to follow a journey that is guided more by heart and soul rather than your logical mind. 

If you’re interested in experiencing this first step…

of connecting your soul’s purpose with your unique design style so that you can create a set of design guidelines for you and your designer….. one of the ways I support and co-create with home owners is through my guiding you home mentor program.  It’s kind of like having a home design best friend on speed dial.  It supports you in preparing yourself with this kind of thing, before you start your homes build or renovation.  So that you are fully resourced in being able to confidentlay share your vision with your design and construction team in a way that everyone understands.  And you’re able to make decisions with ease, clarity and conviction from a place of sovereignty

Hand on heart, thank you for joining me and I’m really looking forward to connecting with you again in a fortnight.

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