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EP.06- Conscious and Creative Choices When Renting


This is a space that is held for everyone.

Whether you own your home or are renting, you are so welcome to take a seat at the table and be part of the conversations at A Soul Filled Home. Everything we share here is relevant for owners and renters alike.

So join us and explore how to create a home that aligns with your soul’s why and your heart’s calling, no matter where home is.

When you give yourself a north star, you give yourself something to come home to time and time again.

There are endless decisions to be made on the design journey. By taking the time to connect to your vision and your soul values, you give yourself a guiding point to make aligned, soul-led choices at each and every turn.

Dream with your heart, not your head.

When you think about what you desire, do you answer with your head?
Is it logical, carefully planned, cautious?

Or is the answer driven by your heart?
Is it so big, intuitive, and bold that it takes even you by surprise?

When you give yourself permission to dream audaciously, you allow yourself to tap into desires that are limitless, heart expanding, fulfilling, and undeniably your soul’s truth.

Connection can be created through the littlest of things.

For me, it’s a morning routine of meditating, journaling, connecting with myself and connecting with the day so that I can show up with intention and purpose.

By prioritising that connection with myself, I’m making sure that my cup is filled and that I’m nourished, fulfilled, and ready to give that connection back to others.

As a Designer, I have been given the precious gift of experiencing firsthand the impact that design can have on our human experience.

I’m thankful to now be able to wear both hats – the hat of a designer and the hat of a human soul who has felt the impact of moving through a space that profoundly changed my experience.

It’s completely changed how I view, experience, and now design homes

In this video I share in more detail about these experiences and how you get to do things in a different way.

How you get to have a different experience.

I’m wanting to mark this day as one of those sliding door moments in life.

To share some of the big changes that will be birthed early October 2022

I know that a home renovation is a big commitment, one that you may not be ready for right now….. and that’s ok! There’s still a lot you can do now to set the foundations for your future successful renovation.  Like, starting to research and educate yourself on what’s involved, what to expect and if […]

The best thing about home design is that the possibilities truly are endless. But those endless possibilities can easily edge you into overwhelm if you don’t know where to start! With seemingly infinite choices at your command, how can you get clear on what you like and what makes sense for your space?  Fortunately, a […]

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