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I want to capture and mark this day as one of those sliding door moments in life.

To add context by sharing the significance of the last four days, that have lead me to record this video.

AND to share with you the pivot I’m making to DESIGN MENTOR for women.

1:42 | sliding door moments
2:35 | business coach / KATE ADDAMO
5:55 | design mentor for women
11:48 | claim’ed / SOPHIE JOSEPHINA
guest speaker / PAMELA HORNER
16:56 | Buildher Collective / DEVELOPHER
23:28 | Hiraeth Daylesford / development
25:48 | taking it one step further
28:40 | she’s done it, single mum of 2 boys


It is Monday, September the fifth, 2022, I can feel myself getting emotional. I am recording this because I’m marking this day. I’m marking this day. On this day in a year’s time, I’m going to replay this again.
And I’m going to celebrate. I’m going to be celebrating the year that has passed and celebrating that all the intentions and all the things that I’m about to share now, I’m gonna be sharing that they’ve actually happened.

Rachel from Randco when I attended an event over the weekend where Rachel was speaking and she using the term about sliding door moments.

I feel like the last four days have been, there has been an opening and I feel like there is a sliding doors moment. That’s why it feels important to me to capture this.

So to give a bit of a background briefly, I have a business coach, her name is Kate Adammo. Kate and I met, I think she mentioned on the call that it was four years ago. We were in a mastermind together, that’s how we met and became friends.

#Business Coach

Kate is a business coach for creatives and we have since gone on to not only become friends, but she has she has also become my business coach. I’m in my second round of coaching with her at the moment. I reached out to Kate in June, or I actually think it might’ve been May this year and said to her, I am no longer in love with my business. I am no longer in love with working one on one with clients. I’m feeling a little bit blahhh. Like, what am I doing? Let’s give this one last shot. I’m gonna be all in. Help me, let’s figure this. I’m gonna give it one last shot.

I had my 6th call with her on Thursday. I love her for this, because it’s been a roller coaster when we first connected and I had shared with her where I was at and what was going on and had honestly shared with her that I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that continuing doing one on one client design work was something that really lit me up and was something that I wanted to continue doing. We’ve had a lot of deep dives into that. A lot of things have shifted since then and what I love about Kate is that she’s along for the ride and I’ve never once felt like, oh my god Em, what are you doing? You keep changing your body mind, make a bloody decision let’s do this. She is a hundred percent supporting me and supporting the journey that I’ve been through.

So on the call on Thursday, we were talking about and continued the conversation around what it would look like for me rather than doing 1:1 client based design services, what it would look like for me to transition into doing 1:1 design mentoring. Offering design mentoring to women.

We’d had this conversation three weeks ago and I was really excited about it. It terrifies me so much and at the sametime I was really excited about it. Finished the call, two or three days after that, I’m having all of this stuff dropping in all of these amazing ideas. Time goes by and I get in my head, I start thinking, “Oh I can’t do that. Who am I to do that? Who’s going to pay me to do that?”. And so then I got in my head and I talked myself out of it. Talking myself then into doing a an online course or even a short workshop.

I went down that track because it felt safe or safer than saying I’m going to be a design mentor for women. The path that I led myself down after call with Kate three weeks ago, felt safe. Jumped on the call with Kate on Thursday and I knew that’s what I was doing. I knew that that’s what was going on. This is a beautiful thing about Kate within five or 10 minutes, I realized OK shit, I’m hiding, I’m using this as an excuse to hide. Can we talk this through.

So it’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be spending the next 3 to 4 weeks getting everything set up and that’s what I’m doing. I am transitioning, actually it’s not even transitioning from, because I have taken a breather from working 1:1 with design clients. So it’s not even transitioning. October 8th 2022 I will be going live and officially offering design mentor sessions, to women. I be announcing that and I will be opening my books and I will be welcoming in women.

So that was the call on Thursday. I know in my soul that that’s where I am supposed to be and I’m being guided to be, have been guided to be for a while now. So I am claiming that, stepping into, owning and doing it. Even though as I say that, there is enormous excitement around it, I’m equally nervous. I’ve had moments since that call on Thursday, where I’ve really gotten back into my head again, thinking who am I? Who am I to be doing that? But I am going to be doing it.

That was a significant moment for me.

#Claim’ed Mastermind

Come Friday morning, as well as having a business coach, I’m also a part of a mastermind with the gorgeous Sophie Josephina. The mastermind is called Claim’ed and it’s on masculine and feminine polarities within business and also within personal life. Predominantly within business. We’re four months into that with one remaining. When I signed up for that, it was a case of logically this makes no fucking sense. I’m don’t know how this fits. I’m not seeing how this fits into business and how this fits into my Building Design business. It was very much intuitively led. I made that commitment and decision, not logically understanding where I was being led or why I was being led there. And I did it anyway. I took the leap and I did it. I’m so goddamn glad that I did because it’s opened me up, cracked me open in ways that I had couldn’t possibly have conceived.

It’s a 4am Friday morning call for me that I commit to every week. The call on Friday morning had a guest speaker who spoke about feminine essence dominance. What that looks like, feels like. That’s not something that I’m familiar with. It’s only something that in having been part of Sophie’s world in the matermind that it’s been a seed that’s been planted. I’m new to it all, very much a student and learning, open and curious. Reading different books on the topic, challenging my preconceived ideas and understandings going into that.

Being on the call with Pamela on Friday completely cracked me open wider to a whole new understanding around it. During the 2.5hr call there were conversations and coaching, I madly wrote 4 pages of notes. There were parts of that that were deeply uncomfortable, alot of concepts that were introduced, different languaging that I wouldn’t necessarily have been exposed to were talked about and shared. That was like, okay wow. I’m open to this. I’m curious about this.

#Buildher Collective – Developher

In addition to that mastermind, I’m also a part of the Buildher Collective in particular the Developher inner circle. There was a weekend intensive that started with a dinner on a Friday night and then all day Saturday, all day Sunday. At the end, Rebekha invited each of us to stand up and speak and really claim our intentions for the next 12 months. “This time, next year I will……”. I am really looking forward to following the other womens journeys and not just seeing where they end up, but witnessing their journey. Because sometimes you can have an intention of this is where I’m going. This is where I’m headed, but then as you start out on that journey, things shift.

I’m learning to embrace that myself. Embrace that it’s okay for me to set out on a particular path with a particular intention and for things to change. It’s okay. It’s okay for that to happen. So I’m really curious to see follow the journey of these women and see not just where they are in a year’s time, but also to see the experiences, opportunities and growth that they have over the next 12 months.

I stood up and shared. Which I actually don’t remember, it’s all a bit of a blur because my heart was beating so fast, my hands were sweaty, I was stammering. I know I wasn’t fluid and articulate when I spoke. I know that I fumbled my words. It was petrifying to stand up in a room full of women
and share where I’m headed. Where I will be this time next year.

I was wide awake at 3am this morning with so much emotion coursing through me. So many things going through my head and my heart. Feeling really raw about it all and knowing that it’s going to take a little whilte to land.

But it does feel like it’s a sliding door moment for me.

What I’m taking away from these last four days is that I can. That there are some big changes happening. There are some really big changes happening. Transitioning from 1:1 design with clients to being a 1:1 design mentor to women. That’s huge. And to say that this time next year, Hiraeth Daylesford will be complete and I will be welcoming my first guests.

I will be welcoming my first guests. I will be open.

I will have brought my dream. It will be real. The last five years of having held that dream so tightly, closely and privately, only sharing with a select few within my inner circle. To actually see it live and
to be sharing it with other people, hosting, that’s is a really big deal to share.

#Hiraeth Daylesford

And not only am I going to be doing that, not only this time next year will I have a successful design mentor business. Not only will Hiraeth Daylesford be built and open with my welcoming/hosting my first guests…… I’m actually gonna take it one step further and go bigger.

Taking it one step further….

I will be featured in The Local Project and in The Design Files. AND this time next year when the next Developher weekend intensive in on, Rebekah will be sharing my story. Standing there and saying this time last year, Em was here and she stood up and shared her intention. Not only did she bring it to life, but she smashed it out of the park.

She’s done it, single mum of two boys

And she did it. As a single mum with two boys. She did it. She’s done it. AND she had a fucking amazing time doing it.

She had so much fun doing it and was a role model to her boys throughout that process. Throughout that journey her boys were with her the entire way.

This time next year that will have all happened. I’m gonna look back on this video and I’m gonna be celebrating.

I’m gonna celebrating.

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