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“A hopeful heart finds all the opportunities that are showered down”
~Chris-Ann (The Must Tarot)

A theme to the whispers

There is always an underlying theme to the whispers and the theme I’m currently noticing has to do with dreaming audaciously.  By whispers I mean synchronicities and that to me is spirit, universers, souls way of guiding us.  It’s your souls way of moving you and showing you what it is that she truly  desires.

This episode was planned to be about a completely different topic.  Over the last few days, the whispers have gotten louder and more frequent, to the point where it’s very clear that the conversation around dreaming audaciously is wanting to be had and to be heard.

I was also guided to do a card reading with this episode.  Drawn to the muse tarot deck by chris-anne.  As a creative and a dreamer, it’s one of my favourite and go to deck.  It’s  THE STAR card that came through.  The message that came through was;

  • you are ready for this beautiful journey
  • Everything is in the perfect order
  • Believe in your power to reach your goals
  • Trust in your ability to shine
  • Have faith in diving timing

So why is the conversation of dreaming audaciously wanting to be had now?

The simple answer is because it’s very much alive in my own personal + professional life.  And I’m always going to  share from lived and also living in, experience.  This is a living in experience at the moment.  It’s raw, it’s uncomfortable, it’s exciting, it’s expanding and stretching me (in good ways), it’s thought provoking, it’s frightening and did i mention exciting.  Because it is, butterflies in the stomach, not sure if I want to laugh or cry kind of exciting.  

Obviously in what it is that I do and how I work with and support clients, as an Soul-led Building + Interior Designer…… over the years I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many clients.  Home Owners, who like you, have a dream of wanting to create a home for themselves and their loved ones.  Even though home means different things to each of us, the common essence or common thread is the desire to create a home that holds you and supports a life that fulfills you.

Home for so many…

holds such a significant place in our hearts, and plays such an important role in our day to day lives.  Our homes are so much more than a space that provides shelter.  

I hope that your home is your safe place, your sanctuary.  A reminder of who you are and who you desire to be.  Home is the place that fosters and nurtures the connections that matter most to you.  In the connection to yourself and in the connection to those that matter most to you.  Hopefully home is the place where you feel you are most yourself.  That connects you to life, encouraging you to slow down and savor the small moments.  That nourishes and restores you when the outside world gets too much.  

Having just listened to all of that ……. I’m really curious and want to check in with you as to how you are feeling?  What did it feel like within your body to hear the comments about the common thread we desire when creating our homes.  Could you feel your body tighten and become tense, your heart beat a little faster.  Or did you feel your body become softer, breathing become deeper and slower?

As I was speaking, within my own body I could feel myself oscillating between the two states.  Between the tension and weight of wholly cow this is alot, it’s overwhelming, how is it even possible AND at the same time an adrenaline rush of excitement of lets go, can we do this, when can we start.

In working with clients and through my own personal experiences I’ve come to appreciate and understand that, It’s one thing to have and hold a vision or dream AND it’s a whole different experience to take the inspired action and step into the transition from dreaming to physically creating.

In alot of ways it can feel so much safer to stay playing in the dreaming stage.  Because it’s all sunshine and roses.  Taking the inspired action and stepping into the creating phase, can feel overwhelming, scarey.  It requires you to make decisions that may feel weighted.  With that comes the thought of …….  what it I make the wrong the decision, what if I stuff this up, there feels like there is so much at stake.  And everyone’s watching.  Because you’ve been talking about this dream for so long and now that you’re suddenly doing it, of course you’re going to feel like all eyes are on you.  They’re probably not, but it feels like they are.

Trusting in your ability to shine

I’ve co-created with many clients who have been challenged by, as the message in the star card had shared, trusting in their ability to shine AND struggled with believing in their power to reach their goals, or to birth their dream into being a reality.  I’ve had many conversations with home owners who have reached out believing that they’re ready to take the first step.  They’re doing their research, having conversations and wanting to engage a Building Designer or Architect.  But it never goes anywhere.  It never progresses past those initial conversations.  The overwhelm and weight of the decisions kick in.  The reality kicks in.  It’s interesting to be able to witness the shift that occurs from when someone is in their heart VS in their head.

I shared earlier about dreaming audaciously being the theme of the whispers that I’m currently noticing and experiencing.  I could bring a voice to this topic in a way that feels comfortable and safe, for me, in a way that’s supportive to you….. I could do that by bypassing vulnerability sharing what’s alive in my world.  However, I would never ask anything of you that I wouldn’t ask of myself.  So if I’m lovingly challenging you to dream audaciously and harness the courage to birth your dreams, then in full integrity, I’m committing to showing up here with honestly, authenticity and a huge dose of courage.

Two years ago I attended a business retreat and had the honour of meeting some truly inspiring women.  Women who I’ve become close friends with.  During that retreat we all shared our big dreams and aspirations for the future.  I recently caught up with one of the ladies from that retreat who I consider to be a soul sister.  I had so much admiration for her when we first met because to me, her dreams felt so audacious.  Soul guided, passionate, expansive and audacious.  In listening to her share about her dreams, i intuitively knew that she was speaking her souls truth and that her dreams would become reality.  And they did.  I caught up with her to celebrate, acknowledge and witness, those very dreams that she shared about at that retreat, that she has birthed and are now a reality.  And her new dreams are even more inspiringly audacious.  

There’s a big dream that’s on my heart and soul…

which i’ve nurtured for roughly 10 yrs that has to do with a Victorian Era home in the country.  I’ve danced with it and played with it.  I’ve gotten caught up in the distraction of the detail, in the planning, in the over planning, wanting to know the intricacies of ‘how’.  Because it feels like such a big crazy dream, my mind can’t see how or if it’s even possible.  And that’s the key point worth noting there, my mind.  My soul absolutely can, my mind can’t.  So  I’ve changed my mind a million times over.  I’ve had periods of being in the doing and doggedly pushing forward.  Believing that I was the one that needed to make things happen, that i needed to be in full control.  

There’s been alot of compromising because things aren’t able to be created in the way that I hold the vision for them to be.  Adjusting my dream to be smaller.  To the point where my dream has ended up being so watered down over time that it hit me over the last few days …… the dream doesn’t hold the same potency that it did.  It’s a different version.  Which is completely ok, because we’re allowed to change our minds.  We’re allowed to pivot and turn.  However the different version of my dream isn’t lighting up my soul the way it once did.  I no longer feel the spark, no longer feel giddy with excitement, where my heart beats faster and I have butterflies in my stomach.

So its no surprise that the experience has been one of distraction, detours, chasing the different things but not getting anywhere.  I’m embarrassed and horrified that I’ve been that person who has been playing it safe in the dreaming stage.

“What is is that you actually want?”

Someone asked me the other day… “what it is that you actually want”.  My head heard the question and was like, I know the answer to this and on auto pilot went to jump into a reply that was from the mapped out realistic logical plan my heads worked out.  The person realised that’s what i was doing and quickly reframed the question to “what does your heart want”.  And that’s when my heart heard the question and this time my reply came without hesitation from my heart and there was no mistaking it was my souls truth.  Hearing the truth spoken out loud, was surprising and surreal at the sametime.  

The funny thing is, It’s audaciously big, doesn’t make rational sense in my head, maybe not easily digestible for others to understand AND I know it’s the right path, I know it’s my souls truth.  Every cell in my body is jumping up and down with excitement screaming yes yes yes, let’s go, let’s do this.

So having had that realisation, knowing that life is excitingly full, knowing that I can be impatient and if things don’t happen at a certain pace I can have a tendency to be distracted by the next new shiny thing….   My curiosity goes to …. How can I support myself, how can my home support me in not only keeping this dream alive but in also making this dream a reality.

I think it comes back to knowing who you are.  And I would love for you to have something within your home that is a reminder for you to take a breath and pause.  Even if that pause is only for a brief moment.  For you to have things within your home that are connection points, whether its consciously or subconsciously, to the audacious dream that you have.  Things that are a constant, ideally daily reminder, for you to check in with your self …. Am i choosing things that are in alignment with me dream, are my thoughts, decisions, actions, energy congruent with my dream.

To give an example on a practical level

Within my home and my general environment, I know that the top three things that connect with my soul, that grab my attention, that are powerful activators for me relate to smell, visual and experience.  The really powerful thing that comes with having that awareness, is being able to then intentionally set up my home so that it supports me.

So I have visual cues intentionally placed through out my home that remind me of who I am and that are connection points to my dream.  There are rooms within my home that have specific smells.  There are pieces of memorabilia, intentionally placed thorughout my home, that energetically call me home, that ground and centre me.  That remind me of who I am and of the woman and higher version of myself that I aspire every day to be.

Armed now with the new awareness of my dream, over the coming days and weeks, with curiosity, an open heart and mind, I will be re-assessing my visual, smell and  experience cues, updating and making adjustments.

There’s a saying of where attention goes, energy flows.  So why wouldn’t you focus your attention on dreaming audaciously.  Giving attention to the excitement, the potentiality.   Creating something because of a desire thats been sparked within your soul that wants to be birthed into being.  What if you allowed your dream to be alive in a bigger energy.  What if we accepted the fear, the doubt, the indecision AND at the same time said yes to believing in there being something greater that’s playing out.  

I’ve loved having this conversation with you.  If you’re up for sharing, i would love to hear about your audacious dreams.  I’d love to hear about what small tweaks you’re going to make in the coming days/weeks to your home so that its able to support you in birthing your audacious dreams.

Oh my love, go dream big.

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